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The Agile Government Center will serve as the hub of a network that will bring together governments, non-profits, foundations, academic institutions and private sector partners to assist in developing and disseminating agile government principles and case studies of agile policies and programs.  This network will be a source of assistance to those who want to adopt and implement agile to provide public goods and services that fully meet customer needs and build public trust.  

“The United States has been beset with significant social, cultural, and technological changes for decades,” said G. Edward DeSeve. “The public sector has been perceived to be slow to adapt to these changes and is often in a reactive mode, not a proactive one. Against this backdrop, trust in the federal government has been declining sharply. It is critical that we develop a reform agenda to make governments at all levels more agile in the face of rapid change. Success will require a new mindset in government and new organizational models, but agile government can be a new tide that lifts governmental ships around the world.”

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