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Privacy Policy Update (06/03/19)

We have added a provision about sharing information with organizations that co-sponsor events with the Academy. The provision reads as follows:

"From time to time, the Academy may “co-sponsor” a meeting or other conference with one or more other organizations. When that happens, the Academy will collect information about attendees at the time of registration (before the conference or on the day of the conference) and may share it with other co-sponsoring organizations."

Effective Date: October 1, 2018.   

The National Academy of Public Administration (the “Academy”) helps government leaders solve their most critical management challenges.  Since 1967, our congressionally chartered non-partisan non-profit Academy, operating under the laws of the District of Columbia, has provided expert advice to government leaders in building and managing more effective, efficient, accountable, and transparent organizations.  Our national network of over 850 Fellows includes former cabinet officers, Members of Congress, governors, mayors, and state legislators, as well as prominent scholars, business executives, and public administrators.

Supported by a full-time professional staff, our Fellows bring their insights, experience, successes, and lessons learned straight to our clients through independent thought leadership, in-depth studies and analyses, advisory services and technical assistance, congressional testimony, forums and conferences.

This privacy policy covers the information collection, retention and disclosure practices of the Academy.  It applies to information collected from visitors to our website, www.napawash.org., as well as to information collected about our Fellows and prospective Fellows, information contained in the biographical sketches of Fellows found on our website, and information about individuals who attend Academy lectures and other events, as well as personal data regarding current and prospective employees, consultants and independent contractors associated with the Academy.   

Your privacy is important to us.  The Academy is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal data it collects.  To better protect your privacy we provide this policy to explain our online information practices and the way your information is collected and used.  The Academy reserves the right to change this policy from time to time.   We will indicate at the "Effective Date" section above when such changes take place.  All such changes will be effective when posted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please note that the Academy applies United States law to establish consent to use this web site and its features, unless you are accessing the web site from the EEA (the “European Economic Area” including the member states of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).  If you are accessing the site from the EEA, you will be asked to review this privacy policy and the related Cookie policy (see the next section) and provide explicit consent before entering the site.  If accessing the site from other locations, after receiving notice of this privacy policy, your continued use of the Academy web site establishes your consent to the terms of the policy.  If you are accessing the site from the EEA, click here for information regarding establishing your consent to use the site.  Also, note that the Academy is a non-profit corporation and as such, is not subject to the rules established by the California Consumer Privacy Act. 

A. Our Information Collection Policies: The Academy's use of Cookies

When you visit the Academy’s web site, we use cookies, web beacons, pixels, clear gifs, and other similar technologies (collectively “Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies”)  to assist with site navigation and our ability to provide feedback, analyze your use of our web site, assist with our promotional and marketing efforts and provide content from third parties, as described below.  To learn more about our Cookie policy, click here.

B. What information does the Academy automatically collect when you visit our Web site?

When you visit our Web site, we will record the following information about you in our log files and keep the following information you submit as part of your entry in the Fellows database if you are a Fellow:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • Your sign-in information (e.g., your email address and your password for certain identified functions);
  • Browser type, version, and operating system;
  • URL of the page that directed you to our site;
  • Whether you have bookmarked our Web site on your Web browser;
  • The Web pages within our site that you visit;
  • All other on-site actions you take during your visit;
  • Any information you add or modify to your database entries as an Academy Fellow (only Fellows can access this information about themselves to edit it)
  • Amount of time you spend during a visit to our site;
  • Time and date of your site visit; and
  • Search terms used in searches on our Web site.

C. What information does the Academy collect about Fellows and prospective Fellows?

When an individual is nominated as a new Fellow, he or she fills out an online application (assuming affirmative, knowledgeable consent is given by the individual) that includes contact information (name, address, telephone number, email address) and some special categories of personal data (e.g., ethnicity or race, gender, age) as well as background data on the applicant’s career and education. This information carries over to their profile if a candidate is ultimately elected as a Fellow. From time to time, Fellows are asked to review the information on file and confirm that it is current or update it.   

D. What information does the Academy collect about attendees at conferences and other meetings?

When an individual indicates on the Academy website that he or she wishes to attend a meeting or conference, he or she provides an email address for the purpose of being contacted about that conference (e.g., to confirm its taking place).  Attendees at meetings may be asked to list their name, email addresses, employer and position title.  If food is served, we may ask about any dietary restrictions.  Some events require payment and in that case participants will enter their payment details.  The Academy uses a third party to process payments and does not retain payment information any longer than necessary.    

E. What information does the Academy collect about its employees and consultants/contractors and prospective employees or contractors?

The Academy collects information on prospective and current employees sufficient to comply with all laws and relevant regulations, including the prospective employee’s or employee’s local address, contact information, social security number or other tax identifying information, educational background and prior employment.  

Our Disclosure Policies

  1.  Site Visitors

The Academy does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose any information we collect about our site visitors. We will, however, comply with law enforcement requests for information that follow appropriate legal standards and procedures. 

  1.  Fellows and Prospective Fellows

The Academy does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose any information we collect about our Fellows or Prospective Fellows. We will, however, comply with law enforcement requests for information that follow appropriate legal standards and procedures. 

Fellows are encouraged to provide a biographical sketch, along with a recent photograph, which will be disclosed on the Academy’s web site.  The Academy collects the information provided by the Fellow and publishes it and will from time to time, ask for an updated version of the information provided. 

  1.  Attendees at meetings and other conferences

Information collected about attendees at meetings and other conferences is used for internal purposes only and is not disclosed.   From time to time, the Academy may “co-sponsor” a meeting or other conference with one or more other organizations.  When that happens, the Academy will collect information about attendees at the time of registration (before the conference or on the day of the conference) and may share it with other co-sponsoring organizations.   

  1.  Employees, consultants and independent contractors

The Academy does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose any information we collect about our former, current or prospective employees, consultants and independent contractors.  We will, however, comply with law enforcement requests for information that follow appropriate legal standards and procedures.  Also, we will confirm employment or former employment in response to a request from another employer or credit agency, but only if the employee/former employee signs a written release authorizing us to do so.

Our Retention Policies

  1.  Site Visitors

Information obtained by the Academy as a result of a site visit is retained only for so long as it is necessary for good management of the site. 

  1. Fellows and Prospective Fellows

Information collected from Fellows is retained indefinitely.  Fellows have an opportunity, as noted elsewhere, to edit and update the information they provide. The biographical sketch (and photograph) published on the Academy web site is retained indefinitely and, like other information on Fellows, is subject to periodic updating. 

Prospective Fellows fill out an application as part of the nomination process.  If they are elected to the Fellowship, the information they provided is retained as part of their profiles as new Fellows.  If they are not elected, the information in their application is retained for a reasonable period of time and may be referenced by the nominating committee if they are re-nominated to the fellowship in future years. 

  1. Employees and consultants/independent contractors

Information regarding former, current and prospective Academy employees, consultants and independent contractors is retained for the periods of time necessary for compliance with relevant employment and tax laws and regulations, which can vary. 

  1. Members of mailing lists

Email addresses submitted to subscribe to mailings lists are retained until you remove your name from the mailing list by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button provided on the Academy website. Copies of mailing lists may be retained for backup storage. In the event that we experience technical difficulties that cause us to revert to a backup copy of a mailing list, and in the unlikely circumstance that the backup list does not include the most recent changes, our systems may restore your address to a mailing list, and you may be required to remove your address a second time. Any information you provide to us via email or through feedback forms on our Web site (as well as responses, if any, to your inquiry or comment) may be retained indefinitely.


How do we use the information you share with the Academy?

Except as noted here, the Academy only uses information that you share with us for internal purposes.  Those internal purposes may include sharing information with relevant law enforcement and tax authorities and with the Academy’s professional consultants, attorneys, financial advisors and others that share a confidential relationship and do not disclose the information to anyone else.

As noted earlier, the Academy does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose any of the information it collects.  The single exception is the disclosure/publication of Fellow biographical sketches on the Academy web site, with the Fellows’ consent.   

  Specific types of information include:

Mailing Lists- If you submit your email address to be added to a mailing list, we will use the email address solely for the purpose of sending you announcements and news bulletins, as well as reminder notices about events to which you have indicated you intend to attend. 

Feedback and Emailing Us – Other than emails used in mailing list administration, we use your feedback to improve our site and our organization. If you choose to provide information about yourself using a feedback or email form on our Web site, we will not use the information for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry or to act on your suggestion or comment. We will not share your information with others except with your permission or upon your request.


Policy Regarding Contributor Privacy: 

The Academy collects and maintains the following contributor information for both internal record keeping purposes and to maintain compliance with federal regulations:

  1. Contact Information: name, address, phone number, email address
  2. Information Related to the contribution: dollar amount of gift, gift type (one-time or reoccurring; online or check)
  3. Contributor Comments:  Any additional comments or suggestions provided by the contributor.  
  4. Academy Policy:  The Academy does not trade, share or sell contributors’ addresses or other personal information with any third party for any reason.  Contributor credit cards are processed using a secure online payment system. The Academy does not retain card information.


Academy Policy regarding Information Collected by Third Parties on the Academy web site:

  1.  What information is collected by third parties on our Web site?  None of the third-party media features on our Web site will collect information about you unless you actively click on them (for example, pressing play to watch a video or to hear a podcast). The following media features will collect data from you when you choose to interact with their features on our website.  Links to the relevant third party web site privacy policies are provided below:
  2. Embedded YouTube Videos – If you click to play a YouTube video that is embedded on our Web site, YouTube will deposit traditional cookies and Flash cookies on your computer. You can read YouTube’s Privacy Policy here.  (link)
  3. LinkedIn will collect your data if you choose to navigate to our LinkedIn page or share on LinkedIn from our site.  The LinkedIn privacy policy is here.  (link)
  4. If you share to Twitter from our website, Twitter will collect your data.  The Twitter privacy policy is here.  (link)
  5. Share on Facebook - You can share content from our site on Facebook. To use this feature, you must enter your Facebook login information. This information is collected directly by Facebook, and will not in any way be transmitted to or logged by the National Academy. Sharing articles on Facebook will take you off of our Web site and on to Facebook’s Web Site. This will not result in cookies being placed on your computer by our Web site, but may result in cookies being placed by Facebook.

Academy Policy regarding information posted as comments on the Academy web site:

The Academy will be implementing the ability to post comments in response to certain postings that will appear on the Academy web site.  Prior to posting, the comments will be reviewed for appropriate language and to determine whether the comment is relevant and appropriate to the discussion at hand.  When this feature is implemented please be advised that any comments posted after review will indeed be public and outside the control of the Academy.  The Academy will be unable to stop third party data collection of comments or other information contained in the posting, including, potentially, personal identifying information. 

Academy Policy regarding information disclosure to an individual:

If you have concerns or want to know what information the Academy has retained about you, please contact us via our feedback page to ask us to disclose to you any information we have about you. You have the right to correct, update, or delete information that we may have about you.

User Consent:  If you have any concerns about this policy, please contact: (named individual) National Academy of Public Administration, 1600 K Street N.W., Suite 400 Washington, DC 20006   Phone: (202) 347-3190